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2023 Printed Calendars

The 2023 printed calendars range is now available at Modern Print & Design. Please call today on 01646 682676 to get your copy of their calendar printing catalogue.

With over 75 designs and sizes to choose from you have plenty of choice. This year, calendars include –

  • Scenic Britain
  • 360 interactive
  • Golf
  • Funny Cartoon
  • Wildlife
  • Historical
  • Performance Cars
  • Desk calendars
  • Memo calendars
  • Commercial Planner Calendars
  • and much more besides

What is more, each of our 2023 printed calendars comes with a customisable advert section where you can feature your business. Your advert will be designed free of charge and printed on every page. As a result, it will be seen by everyone rather than hidden away is some advertising directory. This is what makes calendar printing such an effective way of advertising. You are basically getting customer to put a poster on their office wall advertising your business!

Personalised calendars printed with your own business advert start from less that £4 + vat each making them excellent value. Also, you do not have to order large quantities of them. Indeed, you can order as few as 25, making calendar printing ideal for small and large businesses alike.

Please call today on 01646 682676 to speak to the Pembrokeshire calendar printers. Or, you can follow this link to send them a message.

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