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4 great websites for collecting customer reviews.

One of the best things you can do to increase trust in your business is to start collecting reviews online. It’s very straightforward to do and you may even have an existing business profile which you can claim to get started.

Google Business

We’ve spoken before about how useful Google Business profiles are. They remain one of the best places to collect reviews for local businesses. The reviews give a star rating next to your business name, but that’s not all. They also place your website higher up the list if the person doing the search is from your local area!

So, you’re probably asking, “What do I need to start?” You’ll need to register a free Google account to manage your Business profile. However if you’ve ever logged in to Gmail, YouTube, an Android phone or any other Google services you’ve already got one!

The same requirement also applies to your customers who will leave reviews, meaning it’s likely they also will have an account which is ready to go.


If you run a hotel, a holiday let, a restaurant or an attraction, TripAdvisor is the go-to place for consumers to find reviews of it.  If your business is in the leisure/tourism sector, it’s likely you’ve already got a profile on this website, but if not, it’s easy to create a brand new one.

TripAdvisor assigns you a category so you’re only competing for reviews against businesses of the same type. For example, Hotels are listed in a different list to B&Bs and Restaurants in a different section to Cafés.

Customers need to register with TripAdvisor to leave reviews but have the opportunity to use their Google or Facebook accounts.


The main advantage with Facebook is the amount of people that already have accounts set up, so they’re often ready to leave reviews right away. If you have a Business Page set up on Facebook you can start collecting reviews.

As with the other sites, if you don’t have one already it’s free and quick to set up. If you’re new to Facebook, make sure that you’re setting up a Business Page, rather than a Personal Profile. Many small businesses make this mistake and it’s important to get the different tools the Business Page offers – like reviews!


While this tends to be used mainly by larger businesses, you might also want to consider gathering TrustPilot reviews.

If your business is online-only, it can have a broader audience and can benefit trusted reviews. The name-recognition associated with TrustPilot gives customers confidence in your services or products.

Get a free online health-check today.

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