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A3 Carbonless Forms

If you need large format 297mm x 420mm A3 carbonless forms Modern Print & Design are the people to call. What is more, they can even go even larger than that – all the way up to A2 size at 420mm x 594mm.

You can have your carbonless forms printed in one or two colours with as many as 6 parts. That is, the top sheet with 5 copies underneath it, making 6 sheets in total. This gives you the scope to share your forms between up to 6 people or departments. Needless to say they can all be numbered and the design varied between the parts, as long as all remain constant throughout the print run.  IE, if you wanted the bottom sheet to have different wording to the sheets above it or the second sheet to have a blanked out security area you can.

In addition to this you can choose between having your A3 carbonless forms glued into loose sets, glued into pads, or bound into books giving you greater flexibility. The loos sets are quite literally that. Each sheet in any given set will be glued to each other but to no others.  For example, if you choose a 3 part form, the sheets will stick together in sets of 3. Alternately, they can be glued into pads were every sheet is stuck together.

The alternative to gluing is to have them bound into books. This is where your forms are perforated to create a stub which is then stapled to make a book. You can then tear your carbonless forms off the book as an them you want to. Some people chose to leave one copy permanently in the book which is used then as there filing system. This is especially common with invoices.

Printed Covers

Your books would be finished off with a printed front cover that matches the contents of the forms and a wrap around back cover. This wrap around cover is stapled to the back of the book then brought around the front to act as a writing shield between the sets. It stops the set below being marked with what you have written on the set above.

You can even have your books bound on the right hand side to suite left handed users. It is entirely up to you.

Whatever you want, please call Trevor today on 01646 682676 or follow this link to send a message.

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