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Activity Pembrokeshire Ltd Say Their New Look Brand & Leaflet Are “Fantastic!”

"Thank you Leo. I love it!! Just one slight amendment please if you don’t mind. Otherwise, fantastic!"

Gethin Williams, Brand & Leaflets,

Activity Pembrokeshire

Gethin came to us with his new business venture to get marketing advice and help with his brand in Pembrokeshire.  However, when we first spoke to him he was using the business name Activity Cymru.

After an in depth marketing and brand consultation we all concluded that his key market was Pembrokeshire and therefor that should be reflected in his business name. Visitors to the county would be Googling for ‘activities to do in Pembrokeshire’ not Wales. Therefor, having the words ‘activity’ and ‘Pembrokeshire’ in his web address would give him a big boost in the search engine rankings. For this reason Gethin changed his business name.

At the same time whilst he had a good logo it was just not working with the rest of his advertising material.

We quickly established that the cause of this was that the logo was in the wrong colour and used a type face that just did not work well with it. Whilst the logo was modern, the font used for the business name was traditional. Modern and old do not mix well together. Once our Pembrokeshire graphic designers had identified a modern type face to use with it, changed the colour and business name the whole brand started to work.

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