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Africa Comes to Pembroke Dock!

 Modern Print ran out the red carpet for a special African visitor on Thursday 9th July.

Over the past 12 months Modern Print has committed itself to planting a tree in Tanzania for every new printing customer they receive. The Co-ordinator of this project on the Island of Zanzibar was the VIP visitor.

She along with other volunteers run the Ladayka Development Fund, a local community project in Nungwi village which aims to improve the health, education and economy of the district. Part of this involves the planting of trees to help rebuild the local environment and provide a useful local crop.

This is where we come in by paying for the planting of Mahogany and Guava trees by local school children. These are then nourished with a rainwater collection scheme from the roofs of the village homes.

All of this has been made possible by the work of a locally based  development organisation. Modern Print Managing Partner Trevor Collins said, "I called my friends to ask their advice on finding a legitimate tree planting scheme. It was pure chance that they were trying to find someone to help fund just this through the Labayka Development Fund. They are the driving force behind this whole project. We have paid for 100 trees to be planted so far with a lot more to follow.

If you would like to learn more about tree planting in Nungwi village or would like to make a donation, please call Trevor at Modern Print on 01646 682676.



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