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Brand Guideline Documents

Brand Guideline documents are a great way to make sure your branding remains constant wherever it is used. For example, on your website, newspaper adverts, printing, signage, social media accounts such as Facebook and staff uniforms. It makes sure everything has the same consistent brand.

We at Modern Print & Design have been producing Brand Guideline documents in Pembrokeshire for many years. Please call today on 01646 682676 to find out about getting one created for your business.

Your Brand Guideline are often produced as part of creating a new corporate ID for you. It would consist of approximately 9 pages of detailing exactly how your corporate ID works and is to be used. It will contain details such as –

Colours – The exact colours of you brand specified in CMYK percentages for printing, RGB colours for website and social media accounts as well as Hex Web and spot pantone colours.

Your Logo – How it is to be used such as the minimum size and correct layout. This included a list of examples of how it is not to be used.

Typeface details – A list of the exact typefaces to be used on all occasions with your logo and other promotional materials.

And depending on your requirements it may also contain –

A list of stock photos to be used on adverts and brochures etc.

Examples of artwork such as business cards, or newspaper adverts so other printers will know how to print your promotional materials.

And many other items.

It is entirely up to you. We can put whatever you want in your Brand Guidelines.

When it is finished it will be provided as a printed document and as a digital file. This way you can email it to whoever you need.

For more information of having a brand guideline document created for you business please call the studio on 01646 682676 today. Alternatively you could follow this link to send us a message.