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Can my business’ website hosting be moved?

Not all websites are created equally!

We often have customers visit us asking to rescue their old business websites and bring them up-to-date. Usually this is a fairly straightforward task. However, it can sometimes be much more difficult, or even impossible. Certain types of website hosting have their own proprietary web builder tools which can lock your website in.

If your website is built using industry-standard content management software then, in general, you should have no problems moving your website to any other hosting provider. Industry standard system include WordPress, Umbraco, Joomla and more. You would just need to find out the type of server system it runs on (Eg. Microsoft, Linux, etc) and then find a matching provider online who can support it. We support all major systems and offer some of the best performing UK-based hosting available, you can find out more about our web hosting services here.

However, if your website has been built “the easy way”, by using cheap or free drag-and-drop online website builders, it could be much more difficult. If you (or your web designer) used tools such as the ones provided by Wix, GoDaddy, 123Reg and more, then unfortunately the data is locked into their system. Most of the time, it cannot be moved away. This is by design so that you keep your hosting with these companies for as long as possible as your company grows.

How we do things differently

At Modern Print & Design, we believe this is bad for customers. This is why we NEVER use any kind of software which would limit where you can take your website. We want you to stay as our hosting customers because we do an excellent job – not just because there are no other options!

Concerned that your business’ website might be difficult to move? Why not arrange a free no-commitment website review with us? We’ll take a look at your website and let you know the type of system it’s built on. We’ll also let you know which country it’s hosted in – you might be surprised! During the meeting we will work together to construct a plan to move your website. By the end of the meeting, we will be able to give you a fixed-price quote for implementing it.

Simply get in touch with us today by calling 01646 682676 or fill out our contact form



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