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Copywriting: Sell the benefits, not the features!

Market is all about highlighting which features make you different from the competition. The three major ways to do this are:


Cost – You know how to price a product better than the competition


Quality – You are able to make a better product than the competition


Value – You provide a combination of cost and quality that’s right for your customers.


However, when it comes to selling your goods or services, you need to take a different approach. You can tell someone that you provide a product or service that’s cheaper or more effective than another business, but that doesn’t inform the customer what it’s going to do for them.


When you next send out a marketing message on social media or on your website’s blog, make sure you tell the customer what benefits your product gives them. For example, in our leaflet offer above we could have just said:


"They will be printed on 130gsm gloss art paper."


But instead we expanded on this and told customers about the added benefits of this material: 


"They will be printed on 130gsm gloss art paper to give them a lovely sheen that is perfect for photos and getting the best out of your colour scheme."


Another example of this method would be when selling a car. You shouldn’t just say "it does 60 miles to the gallon". You should be saying something like "It will do 60 miles to the gallon which will save you a lot of money when driving."


Remember; Selling is all about explaining the benefit that the features of your product or service give to the customer. A comparison such as "we’re cheaper" or "our product is better" may highlight the features you offer, but highlighting the benefits sells them for you.


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