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CV Design In Pembrokeshire Is Praised

"Thanks Leo, that is better than perfect!"

Dr Owen Collins, CV Design

Oral History Consultant

Dr Owen Collins asked our Pembrokeshire graphic designers to create a new high impact CV for him to use when competing for contracts. This was to be graphic rich making good use of infographics to illustrate his experience and knowledge in visually interesting ways.

The picture opposite shows just a snap shot of the wonderful CV that our graphic designers created for him here in Pembrokeshire. Indeed, Owen was so pleased he sent his graphic designer the email you now see above.

A well designed CV can really help get you noticed when applying for a job or competing to win a contract. It sets you apart from all the other applicants who have standard typed CV’s. What’s more it makes it so much easier for the person reading your CV to digest the information it contains. After all, we all remember from school how much easier it was to understand statistics when shown in a bar or pie chart. This is the reason they should be used in your CV along with other visually interesting infographics.

An infographic is a picture that shows data in a graphic representation rather that using the more conventional numbers and text. It is a way of making the date more easy to digest and understand.

If you would like to speak to one of our CV designers in Pembrokeshire please call today on 01646 682676 or follow this link to send us a massage.


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