Coaching Website Design for Angela Robinson Family Coaching

Angela Robinson Family Coaching Website Design

Logo & Website Design

Angela Robinson is an experienced professional coach that has spent many years in the world of professional business. She came to us looking to start her new family coaching business and needed branding and website design.

The first thing we did for Angela was to invite her to a free, no-commitment design meeting to discuss the project. At this meeting we discussed how she would like to present the business.

She wanted a logo which was comforting and welcoming, yet made an impact with its colours. Our designers proposed a dove design for the logo, which would be accompanied by smaller birds to represent family.

The second thing we did was discuss the website design. As with the branding, Angela wanted a website with impact. Angela was keen to enhance the website with lots of text and video content over time. Right away, our designers recommended the use of a blog. This system  would help Angela to make easy regular updates to the website.

Angela needed an easy way to receive contact details and availability from potential customers. We suggested using a multi-stage form. This way people don’t get overwhelmed with too many section to fill in all at once.

Coaching Website Design

After the meeting concluded our designers began work on the proofs. Our initial logos used a vibrant pink, but Angela really wanted things turned up to 11, so we went with a pure magenta in the final version. The business name would appear alongside in a handwritten script, with the smaller strapline of “Family Coaching” below it in a clear sans-serif so it was easy to read.

Our designers started the design by planning for large blocks of colour. This was further improved by large high quality images. We also used curves between sections to help make the design flow. The blog used  blunted diamonds containing images to comprise the index.

Finally, Angela came into the studio to receive some in-person training on how to edit her new website. When you have a website hosted with us, you can ask for more training at any time. If Angela ever forgets anything, we’re only a phone call away!

Please call us today on 01646 682676 to speak to one of our website designers in Pembrokeshire. Or you can follow this link to send a message.