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Pembrokeshire Time Bank

Brand & Printing

Pembrokeshire Time Bank Network is a brilliant organisation that has set up a county wide time bank. Basically, people can swap the time they spend helping people in the community for other people’s time helping them or, if that is not possible, free time at participating local attractions such as leisure centres. It is an excellent way of encouraging people to help the most needy or isolated in our community.

It was quickly realised that roller banners were perfect for this job. A free standing roller banner is 850mm x 2000mm making it perfect as a backdrop to an exhibition stand or to publicise what you do at networking events. It is printed in full colour giving you high impact visibility and only takes 2 minutes to put up – saving you time. It even comes with its own case so you can easily carry it in one hand, making it convenient to move around.

In addition to this they also ordered two A3 desktop roller banners to put on the table they would be working from. These as you would expect are mini version of the big roller banners that you see at exhibitions and are pictured here.

After their free design consultation it was decided to create a range of logos for the Time Bank to choose from that reflected the inter connected dependence and unity of purpose that the members display. For this reason the logos featured graphical elements such as a cogs teeth and linked arms. However, the final logo that was chosen and is shown here, has people bound together in circle with a jigsaw piece locking them to their neighbour.

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