Bilingual Website Designers in Pembrokeshire for Gofalus

Bilingual Website Designers for Gofalus Ltd

Website Design and Logo Design

Gofalus Ltd has been providing care to the residents of north Pembrokeshire and the surrounding area for many years. After having terrible online experiences in the past, including having their domain name hijacked, they came to us for a fresh start.

The first thing we did was to modernise their logo. First, we decided to move away from their old-fashioned serif font and use a bold sans-serif font for clarity. The word “Gofalus” is a Welsh word which revolves around care.

We knew we wanted to bring across the friendly, caring side of the company in the logo. In addition, we wanted to highlight their strong Welsh heritage. Combining these ides we created a logo marque shaped in a Celtic knot design with hearts subtly  incorporated into the pattern. Then, we added their well-established strap-line, “Home care with a difference”, to the bottom of the logo to complete it. What is more, there logo is used in a bilingual setting frequently, so we created two different versions – one for each language.


Bilingual Website Designers

Gofalus already offer all their care services with fluent English and Welsh speakers. This meant it was very important to have the website both in English and in Welsh.

The bilingual website that we created for them used WordPress at its core. This allowed easy editing of the website content with only the minimum of technical knowledge. The bilingual website designers features both Welsh and English versions of each page on the website. These pages are linked together, so people can seamlessly switch between the different languages.

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