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Modern Print & Design recently undertook a significant project for Hedley Asset Management, independent financial advisers in Haverfordwest. They sought a modern, professional image to refresh their long-standing brand. In other words, a new brand that conveys reliability and security to clients. They specifically wanted their business initials to feature prominently in it.

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To achieve this, Modern Print & Design initiated an in-depth design consultation. That is to say, a senior designer meticulously explore every aspect of Hedley Asset Management’s branding requirements. From this discussion emerged a series of preliminary brand and logo concepts. These then underwent rounds of refinement and enhancement. Finally the brand, featuring the prominent initials, was meticulously created through feedback and revisions.

Upon finishing the blue and green/gold brand, Modern Print & Design delivered digital copies to the client. As a result they could use it across online platforms, printing and marketing material. Additionally, Modern Print & Designs corporate brand designers in Pembrokeshire were commissioned to design and print business cards and letterheads. This further reinforced the cohesive brand identity of Hedley Asset Management.

The end result exceeded expectations, delighting Hedley Asset Management with its modernity and professionalism. The new brand not only embodies the values of security and reliability but also reflects the company’s commitment to staying contemporary in a competitive market.

To sum up, if you’re seeking corporate brand designers in Pembrokeshire who can transform your brand identity with precision and flair, call Modern Print & Design on 01646 682676. They excel in delivering bespoke solutions tailored to your unique vision and requirements. That is to say, ensuring your brand stands out in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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