Corporate Branding Designers in Pembrokeshire for Quayside Tearoom Lawrenny

Corporate Branding Designers in Pembrokeshire for Quayside Tearoom Lawrenny

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The Quayside Tearoom’s new owners asked our corporate branding designers to help them develop a new look for their business. A look that was clean, fresh, modern and connected to their riverfront position.

Logo and Brand Development

The first thing the designers did was develop a colour palette. This was for use on all of the tearooms printed and digital publications. Consequently, light gray, teal and a dark blue were chosen. This was because they match the customers stylistic requirements for a fresh, modern look which reflects their riverfront position.

Following on from the colour scheme the corporate branding designers began to work developing a logo for the Quayside tearoom. This went through many iterations and design options until the logo you now see was finalised. What is more, the client was delighted with the look and feel it engendered in people.

Following the approval of the logo and colour palette our corporate branding designers got to work on a website for the tea room. This was done in conjunction with our website designer who programed the site to match their brand identity.

Website, Menus and Labels

Though only 3 pages long their website was packed with features including a gallery to show off their great food and location. What is more, it also included a weather forecast feed to help people decide whether to visit the tea room or not. This also reduced the volume of calls they were getting from customers asking what the weather was like before they set off.

At the same time as the website designers were building their site our graphic designer was busy creating a fully branded menu for them. Once again this was done in conjunction with the corporate branding designers. Furthermore, it blended seamlessly with their new website.

The final commission from us were the logo labels pictured here. These were uses for fasten the napkins around the cutlery.

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