Corporate Branding in Pembrokeshire for Tenby Water Safety

Corporate Branding in Pembrokeshire for Tenby Water Safety

Illustrated Graphic Design & Print

Our graphic designers were asked to create a new corporate brand and set of unique graphics for a new informative campaign. A campaign designed to highlight the naturally occurring hazards in and around the water. It was to take the form of a set of striking posters and large stickers. These would then be placed in prominent places around Tenby Harbour.

The first step of the project was to get the organisers of the campaign into our studio for a face-to-face design briefing. In this briefing the project was discussed in detail, questions were asked and ideas floated. It was decided that the campaign would have it’s own corporate brand logo. This was to make it easily recognisable and make the marketing materials more cohesive. The client also wanted themes of  ‘water’ and ‘safety’ to feature boldly in the brand. Therefore, our graphic designers suggested a roundel form to the logo. This meant that the text, water and safety elements could be built into into a compact form that would be clear to see and understand at any distance. We also talked about the importance of making the brand and campaign message friendly and non-authoritarian.  Whilst at the same time remaining informative and easy to understand.

The 4 Key Safety Messages

Importantly, it was discovered that while the campaign was to tackle water safety as a whole, there were four key elements they wished to emphasise. These were “Please don’t congregate on the harbour wall”, “Boats can’t see you when you are swimming in the harbour”, “Don’t jump off the cliffs – the water may be shallow” and “Don’t jump in the harbour”.

So, with this in mind, our corporate branding experts proposed the idea of an illustrated scene of Tenby Harbour. In addition, within this larger scene, there would be four small vignettes made up of the four key hazards we had discussed.

An informative campaign designed for flexibility.

This style of design meant we could design an overall graphic of the harbour for general use, with the added benefit of four “zoomed-in” vignettes. These vignettes would then contain extra details to highlight the specific hazard on each of the separate designs.

Finally, we also discussed how the designs were to be displayed. The client wanted a set of materials which would be hard wearing and waterproof as they were to be displayed outdoors. Together we decided that a combination of A1 laminated posters and waterproof permanent adhesive stickers would be used. These stickers were to be attached to large metal barrels at the harbour.

On this page you can see the various completed designs and the final Tenby Water Safety logo.

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