Corporate Branding in Pembrokeshire for Mums the Word

Corporate Branding

Mum’s the Word approached our studio in Pembrokeshire to help them create the corporate brand for their business. What they were looking for was something that was strong, bold and retro. Something harking back to the 1950s yet still contemporary.  It was decided to take a 1940s / 50s colour palette and iconic American imagery and repurpose it for 2019.

Pop art provided the solution combining that classic comic book look with the now legendary ‘let’s roll up our sleeves poster’ of a woman working in a war time armanants factory. This is where the idea for the woman in the head scarf came from and it also inspired the other female character on the back.

The comic book style speech bubble and typefaces was then taken to style and frame the businesses name. Furthermore, the designers even took the course dot effect of mid century comic book printing and superimposed it over areas of the design.

The designers did not stop there though. They took the shapes associated with design during the 1950s and incorporated that as well. Take the orange panal the telephone number is in – it is classic late 1950s design.

The overall effect of this is to create all encompassing corporate brand. One that is not just limited to the logo. The design assets that our team has produced on these cards and leaflets can be used on anything from websites to shop signs. It truly is an all encompassing brand ID.

Most importantly Mum’s the Word were delighted with it all.

If you would like help developing or refreshing you corporate branding please call the studio today on 01646 682676. Alternatively, send a message by following this link and we will get back to you.