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Corporate Branding in Wales for The Silcox Group

Haven Self Storage, Campervan Escapes and Silcox Rentals are all different parts of the same Pembrokeshire Family Business. For this reason they asked us to help them develop a corporate brand for each of them. However, whilst they wanted each of the three to be distinct whilst at the same time complementing one another.

In other words when you see the three brands together they must look as though they belong to the same group of companies.

The first thing our corporate branding designer did was select one modern, clean cut typeface to use on all 3 brands. A typeface that was easy to read at a distance and on the side of vehicles. This is because their building over looks the main road. Drivers have to be able to read their signs whilst driving past the building.

The second thing that our Welsh corporate branding designers did was select 2 colours that would to appear in all the logos. The colours in question were orange and grey. This was combined with a common graphic style and shape shared by all 3 of the logos. The circles and distinct graphic style.

The end result are the 3 Welsh corporate brands you see pictured here. Whilst each one is undoubtedly different from the others they all have common themes. Themes that let you know that all 3 are joined together in some way.

The companies owner was delighted with the end result that you can see side by side below.

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