Logo for JR Cleaning & Gardening

Logo for JR Cleaning & Gardening

Brand and Logo Design

JR Cleaning & Gardening is owned by a husband and wife team who asked our designers to create an elegant logo which reflected the quality they brought to their work.

To keep it elegant and classic, our designers decided to use a muted, pastel colour palette when developing their new brand. Furthermore, it was decided that the logo marquee would use a classic “serif” typeface. However, whilst the strapline or slogan, would use a clean, modern “sans-serif” font. The combination of these two styles creates an elegant, classic design which at the same time does not look out of date.

In our initial design meeting with them, they told us that it was important that their business was shown as a partnership. To do this our designers merged the J and the R to create one letter out of two. This idea was then enhanced by adding the “ring” element through the letters to reinforce that binding union. It physically links them together.

The next design element our graphic designers came up with can be seen in the background shapes. These flowing curves were not chosen by accident – they represent the work that they do. When it comes to cleaning, it represents the arcing motion of someone wiping down a surface. An arm sweeping over a table creating gentle curves. For their gardening services, the curves represent the natural landscape stretching into the distance.

We were very pleased with the results. More importantly though, JR Cleaning & Gardening were delighted with the look of their new logo and brand.

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