Course Booking Website for Sea Sense Surveying

Course Booking Website for Sea Sense Surveying

Website Design

Our website designers were asked by Sea Sense Surveying to build a new website to promote their training courses.

We had worked with Sea Sense Surveying in the past. For example, we developed their logo and company brand when they were first starting out. However, after having established their Marine Surveying business, Sea Sense decided to expand into training for a wide range of sea-related courses in Pembrokeshire.

The first step of any web project is to invite the business owners into the studio for an in-depth discussion. This is so that we can find out what they are looking to achieve with their website’s design and features.

As a result of this, we agreed to utilise their brand colours – nautical blues and reds – alongside some grey and white tones. This would be combined with high quality photographs of marine scenes and ocean textures.

However, the main thing they wanted to focus on was showing their course availability. Furthermore, they also wanted the ability to receive bookings through a simple, easy to use, online booking system for their clients.

Training Course Booking Website

For the course booking pages it was decided to create a built-in calendar on the website. This easy-to-use calendar would self-updates from the company’s Google Calendar which has all their courses listed in it. This means that everything on the website would stay current with little effort for Sea Sense Surveying.

The courses themselves needed to be clearly labelled and distinct. So we added bold labels and a colour coding system – making the courses easy to find.  Once a course is chosen a visitor can clicked on it to send an application to Sea Scene Surveying.

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