Egg Box labels designed for Wyau Penbicas Eggs

Egg Box labels designed for Wyau Penbicas Eggs

Branding & Label Design

Wyau Penbicas Eggs are a new local business that sell free-range eggs from their Letterston farm. We were approached by them to to get their egg box labels designed and printed as part of creating a corporate brand image for them.

The first stage of creating their business logo and brand was to hold a free marketing and design consultation with the graphic designers. At this meeting every aspect of their product and what they wanted to achieve with it was explored. It was decided to go for a brand and logo with a classic hand-drawn feel using a gentle, pastel palette of blues, greens and browns.

The logo itself would feature an illustration of the farm and their chickens, with the business name in a strong serif font. In addition to this we added the strapline – “Pembrokeshire Free Range Eggs”. This strapline was also featured in Welsh making the logo bilingual.

Egg Box labels designed in Pembrokeshire

We really wanted to make sure that the logo would stand out so we framed it against a sheer white. However, because this is a food product, we also had to dedicate space  on the label to information about it’s origins. This meant the box labels designed had to list a packaging centre and the weight/class of the eggs.

While discussing the label with the client, they also requested the label mentioned “eggs of different sizes”. This is because their organic free-range eggs aren’t as uniform in size as those from a supermarket.

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