Logo designers for E&T Honey Pembrokeshire

Logo designers for E&T Honey

Logo & Label Design

Emma & Joe came to Modern Print and Design for help with labels and a logo for their  new product. They plan to sell all-natural honey created by the bees from their family garden in Pembrokeshire.

The first thing we did was to discuss the name of the brand with them. Subsequently, we discovered that their children, Emilia and Tal, were absolutely in love with the product.  Our designers suggested using their initials for the product, so E&T Honey was born.

They wanted the logo to be simple and fun, with a natural appeal that made people smile. Our designers floated the idea of friendly illustrated bee characters and the clients loved it.

Our logo designers’ process

Firstly, we started by creating a simple cartoon drawing of a honeycomb as the logo’s base. Secondly, we arranged some bee characters that would fly around the logo. The bee characters were each slightly different; each has it’s own facial expression and one even has a speech bubble. Finally, in a cartoony hand-drawn sans-serif font, we overlaid the company name alongside “homemade in Pembrokeshire”.

To top the logo design off , we added a further personal touch; we included the children’s signatures at the bottom of the logo. We wanted to add some clarity as to who Emilia and Tal were to the consumer. Our logo designers added a small blurb to the label, explaining that every batch is checked by the “expert taste testers” that are Emilia and Tal.

The whole family was in love with the design for their new honey.  If you would like labels designed call our graphic designers in Pembrokeshire on 01646 682676 today. Or, please send a message today by following this link. Whatever you chose we can help.