Menu designers & printers in Pembrokeshire for Something's Cooking

Menu Designers & Printers for Something’s Cooking

Menu & Brand Design

Award-winning fish and chip shop, Something’s Cooking, approached us to refresh their brand and have new menus designed for them. The Letterston-based restaurant  has been running since 1981 and wanted a more modern twist on their existing branding.

The first thing we do with any design project is to invite the client into the studio for a thorough meeting. In this meeting, we ask the clients many questions about what they’re looking to achieve. These questions include their preferred colours, styles, fonts and where the item will be used. This enables us to design precisely for the clients needs and to make sure it is supplied on the best materials for the application.

In our meeting, the client had said that it was important that our menus were designed not to be folded. They had experienced problems with wear and tear on the folds in the past, leading to menus falling apart. Due to this, we decided to go for an A3 full-page design

Menu Designers and Printers in Pembrokeshire

After this meeting, the first part of the menu design that we approached was the branding.  The existing logo worked well for the client, so we didn’t have to make any radical changes.

First, we tweaked the brand palette to lighten the logo so it wasn’t quite as heavy. Secondly, we updated the surrounding text to a new font to make it more legible, also adding in a Welsh translation of “fish and chips”. After this, it was time to design the menu.

We wanted to give the menu a traditional yet contemporary feels. So we used some classic illustrations of maritime objects and woodgrain against a solid slab serif font for clarity.

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