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Pembrokeshire Foods Price List

Graphic Design

Pembrokeshire Foods based in Hasguard Cross nr Haverfordwest asked us to design and print their new 2020 price list. This is a 36 page A4 booklet, featuring all the products they sell to the Pembrokeshire hospitality industry.

This year they wanted something different so the boys in the studio got to work. The idea the designers came up with was a cover that looked like a restaurant or pubs ‘specials’ chalkboard. After all, this is where the ingredients and products Pembrokeshire Foods sell will end up.

The next thing Leo did was find a typeface from our extensive library of 1000’s that looked like it had been hand written in chalk. He then set about creating a shabby – chic look design to compliment it. For this Leo decided upon an Edwardian / Victorian style design popular with restaurants at the moment.

This is the reason that the scrolls and broad line shading were used extensively. You see, 120 years ago the printing technology limited you to broad bold designs with no fine details. Anything else cost a king’s ransom to produce back then. It is from these necessity that the styles we now associate with this period emerged.

All of this contrasts starkly, by intention, with the internal pages of the price list. These have been designed in a modern, clear style to make it easy as possible for people to find what they are looking for. To this end Leo put photos relating to the items listed next to each category, to aid peoples navigation around the price list.

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