Web Designers in Pembrokeshire for Chefs On The Run Haverfordwest

Pembrokeshire Web Designers for Chefs On The Run

Web Design in Pembrokeshire for Chefs on The Run Haverfordwest

This cracking website was created by our Pembrokeshire web designers for Haverfordwest based Chefs on the Run. This is an outside catering company with a reputation for quality food and good service.

At the in-depth web design consultation we hold with all clients before starting a project, it was decided to put their photos front and centre. The reason for this was quite simple. The food that they produce looks great and people love looking at photos of appetising food!

For this reason photos were used in both the background and in traditional focal points. Indeed, the website sight has 3 separate, distinct photo galleries to help organise Chefs on the Run’s photos into different categories.

The client wanted to keep the website as simple as possible to navigate around. So it was decided to keep it as one long scrolling page with an enquiry form at the bottom. That way there is no chance of you losing you way around it. This was possible because it was a relatively small website. If it had been bigger the single scrolling page approach would become unwieldy and impractical.

One feature built into all the websites that we design and program for Pembrokeshire clients is the ability to change them easily. With the exception of the background photos all the other pictures can be changed by the client whenever they want to. Furthermore, they can also make changes to almost any text on their website.

All of this is shown to them during a training session held before the site goes live. It typically takes less that an hour to do and is all done in plain English so you will not have any problems understanding it. By the same token, if you ever do forget anything you can always pick up the phone and call us for a refresher.

If you would like to speak to one of our Pembrokeshire web designers about your project please call 01646 682676 today. Alternatively follow this link to send a message.