Scientific Report Designers in Pembrokeshire

Scientific Report Designers for the University of Oxfords Physics Department

Graphic Design

We are immensely proud of the project our scientific report designers have produced for the University of Oxford. This world-leading university asked us to take their branding and create the artwork for their Summer 2022 report. The report is actually for the UK National Quantum Technologies Program. This is the UK’s national effort to develop a Quantum Computing industry in Britain. The university is the national coordinator for it.

Scientific Report Designers in Pembrokeshire

Everything you see designed here, with the exception of the projects brand identity, was done in Pembrokeshire by our Graphic designers. What is more, this includes the infographics such as the word map pictured opposite. Leo, (senior graphic designer who many of you know) created it from scratch. This was to more easily display the lead players around the world.

Much to our satisfaction the University of Oxford were delighted with the the report created for them. A report that will go to the leading lights in this exciting new industry.

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Firstly, take the flow charts shown on pages 16 and 17.  You can imagine how difficult it would have been to display this information in an easily digestible form without using graphic design. Furthermore, it clearly shows how important good design is when communicating lots of information.

However, it doesn’t end there. All of the technical drawings were also redesigned by our Pembrokeshire graphic designers to make them more visually pleasing. After all, the report was being produced to show the world the progress being making in this field, so let’s make it look as good as we can!

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Finally, as this project shows, our scientific report designers are immensely talented and can make the most challenging subject matter easier to understand though good design.