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Pembroke Town Trail Plaques

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Pembroke Town Trail was set up to help visitors learn about the history of Pembroke and make their visit more enjoyable. To this end it was decided to place small plaques on the most important historic buildings in the town to let visitors know what and where they were.

As you can image it would be hard to get even a small amount of information about a historic building on a small plaque, so our Pembrokeshire graphic designers & website designers put there heads together and came up with a solution. Rather than try and fail to cram all the information onto the plaques, they would design them with a unique QR code on each. This would then be linked to a page on a website that gave the visitor all the information they could want about the building which the plaque was mounted on.

All visitors then had to do to get this webpage is to scan the QR code with their smartphone and the web page pops up on it. A QR code is basically a barcode for websites.

The designers decided to use tasteful muted colours on the plaques that would match most colour schemes because they would be put on a variety of different coloured buildings and walls. For this reason grey, red and white were chosen which was then carried over to the actual website that had all the relevant pages of information on it.

The plaques were also printed by us on strong, 4mm aluminum composite that will last for years in the Pembrokeshire environment.

The client was over the moon with the end result.

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