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DBG Aviation asked our Pembrokeshire web designers to create a website that really caught people’s attention. So that is exactly what they did with this brilliant website. In fact, the only thing that our web designers did not do was design the logo. This was because they were already using the one that you see featured in their website and they did not want to change it.

It was decided at the initial design briefing with DBG Aviation to use big striking photographs that summed up everything they do. The photos show the sort of aircraft that they can inspect and provide airworthiness certificates for.

It was also decided that rather than having individual pages for each service, everything should be on one long page which you scroll down section by section. This has the advantage of having more text for Google to read in one place. The alternative was having it all  divided between multiple pages. It is a technique our Pembrokeshire web designers use when there is not a lot of text on a site.

To aid navigation on this long web page design we created a menu bar floating on the right hand side of the page. This menu allows you jump straight to the section that you want to see. You don’t have to scroll through everything to find what you are looking for. What is more, it was designed to look like an aircraft flight path!

Another design features was the high contrast “About Us” page you can see featured on this page. Rather that using all pastel blue skies the web designers created a high contrast section with a dark blue background. This really shows off the aircraft contrail creating a stunning image.

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