Begelly Arms Website Design Pembrokeshire

The Begelly Arms Website Designed In Pembrokeshire

Website Design

The Begelly Arms Hotel has undergone a major upgrade over the last 5 years and new owners wanted a website that reflected this.

The design brief was to completely overhaul their old website. Indeed the only thing that was to remain the same was the logo and colour scheme. Furthermore, they wanted to use big bold photos of the hotel to really sell it rather than using masses of text. After all, a picture dose say a thousand words.

The end result of this is the website that you now see pictured above. It really is a well linked site with each page connected at many levels with its nabourghs. For example, hit the weddings button and you are taken straight to the ‘functions’ page. Equally when you click the ‘get directions’ button you are taken to a location map drawn in the same style as the website. No standard Google maps are used here!

Website Optimisation

What is more this website has been optimised to give it the best possible chance of a good page ranking. The client’s key words have been placed into the text on the site and also the programing behind the scenes (in the Meta tags). This has then been boosted by including a ‘news and events’ blog and automated live feed from trip advisor to the websites home page. Now when a web Tripadvisor review is given it automatically pops up on the website. The reason for this is that Google loves regular changes and additions to a website. So much so that it gives sites that make lots of changes a boost.

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