Attractions Website Designers for Great Wedlock Farm & Deer Park

Website Designers for Great Wedlock Farm & Deer Park

Branding & Website Design

Great Wedlock Farm & Deer Park is a visitor attraction that’s new to the Tenby area. Set amidst the beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside, the deer enjoy a safe and natural environment. The owners came to Modern Print & Design for professional branding and design of a brand-new website.

Firstly, the natural area was key to setting the tone of the branding. Secondly, for the brand palette, our website designers chose a rich forest green and a bright lime. Rounding this out, the backgrounds would use a clean white and a fawn brown. This resulted in a calming, natural look and feel which was only enhanced when put alongside photographs of the deer.

Stunning imagery

To attract tourists in the crowded Tenby market, it was really important to show off the beauty of the animals and the park. Throughout the website design we added large, high-quality photographs of the deer to enhance the impact.

In certain sections of the website design we added parallax images, These special images reveal different parts of themselves as you scroll the page. This was used in the wide image-bands near the bottom of the pages.

Online Ticket Sales Integration

For the final part of the project we collaborated with attraction ticket specialists DigiTickets to integrate their service with our website design. We were able to customise the ticketing system using elements from our brand and website design. This was important to maintain the customer confidence that they’re in the right place to buy tickets.

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