Website Designers in Pembrokeshire For CCF Agri

Website Designers in Pembrokeshire For CCF Agri

Website design, Brand and Logo Consolidation

CCF Agri are a business with 18 branches throughout Wales that asked Modern Print & Designs for help. That is to say, consolidating their corporate brand and developing a new website design in Pembrokeshire.

The first problem was that over the years each CCF branch had been ordering their own signs and publicity material independently from one another. This resulted in their logo and brand style differing from shop to shop.

To get around this problem CCF worked with our branding professionals to create a standard logo that will be used by all branches. Furthermore, our logo designers created a Brand Guideline document that set out exactly how the logo was to be used in different settings. It laid out everything from their branding’s colour codes and font sizes to accompanying graphics and colour schemes. This way CCF was guaranteed a consistent corporate brand identity in all situations.

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The Website Design

Once the brand had been consolidated, our website designers in Pembrokeshire were able to get to work. An initial web consultation was held with CCF where an outline of the features they wanted to include in the website was worked out. What’s more, we got approval for our plan to create a bright, modern website design for them. This would include the odd fun element such as the grass graphic growing out of the footer bar at the bottom of the website.

One essential feature that the web designers created for CCF was a bespoke branch locator page. This featured a Google map, redesigned to match the company’s branding with every branch listed with a unique marker. Furthermore, if you click on the branch marker the contact details and opening hours appear to make it more user friendly.

CCF Agri were delighted with the work our branding and website designers produced for them and have been placing other work with us since it was completed.