Website Designers in Pembrokeshire For Gwyne Howell James

Website Designers in Pembrokeshire for Gwyne Howell James

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Local artist Gwyne Howell James approached our website designers in Pembrokeshire to design and build a new site for him. Gwyne wanted a website to act as a showcase for his work and help get portrait commissions.

All of this was discussed at the initial free website design consultation, that we held with him before the order was placed. At the meeting we advised him that if he wanted to get found by people looking for portrait artists, then could be a good website address.

The reason for this is that it matches what people looking for a portrait artist might type into Google. This combined with repeating the phrase, ‘portrait artists Wales’ in the text could help gain it a good page ranking. Though, of course, making regular changes to the website and adding new content to the website is of utmost importance..

Website Designers in Pembrokeshire

Gwyne wanted a simple clean cut logo for the website. So our website designers came up with the logo you see here in each photo. As you can see the design was inspired by the shape of a picture frame.

The actual website comprises of 3 main pages – the Homepage, Art (a portfolio gallery) and the Contact page.

The gallery page features a comprehensive categorisation system. This allows visitors to search by medium (drawing, painting photography etc) or subject. Portrait, landscape, photography etc, so at the click of a button you can find what you are looking for. As a result Gwyne was delighted with his new website. After all, it is a very good system to work with.

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