Website Designers in Pembrokeshire for NetLet UK

Website Designers in Pembrokeshire for NetLet UK

Website design

NetLet UK is a holiday home rental business in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. The website that they had was not doing what they wanted it to do. As a result they came to our Pembrokeshire web design studio to have it rebuilt.

The new site is full of special bespoke features such as a custom designed Google map system. This was done so that the map perfectly matched the design and style of the website. In addition to this the client can place directly onto the map as many place markers as they want. Markers to show the location of holiday homes, restaurants and places of interest. Yet at the same time the map continues to work like any other Google map. You can zoom in and out and move it all over the country.

NetLet UK were delighted with this because they had been told by other website designers that this was not possible to do.

The main function of the site is to be a search engine website for the holiday homes listed on it. Visitors can search through them by date of holiday, location, type of accommodation, visitor party size, availability and weather pets are allowed. At the same time reviews are taken automatically from Facebook, Google and Airbnb and appear on the relevant properties page on the website.

This Pembrokeshire Website design also has a blog to keep customer up to date with the latest news. The blog allows NetLet UK to add photos amd graphics as well as the news article. In addition to all of this the site is full of photo sliders rotating photos of the properties.

It really is a Pembrokeshire website design that is full of features

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