Website Designers In Pembrokeshire For Pembroke Town Trail

Pembroke Town Trail Website

Brand & Website Design

Pembroke Town Trail approached our website designers in Pembrokeshire to build a site that helped visitors discover Pembroke.

During their free consultation, a design brief was created for the project that included –

  • Creating a page for each historic building in Pembroke with a photo gallery showing the interior and what it looked like in the past.
  • An embedded Google Street View so that people looking at the building through the website could see the location in its natural environment.
  • An interactive map of Pembroke showing the location of all the historic buildings featured on the website, that when clicked on jumps to the relevant building’s dedicated page.
  • Printing QR code plaques to go on the actual buildings so that visitors can scan it with their smartphone to go directly to the specific page on the website with all that building’s information.
  • Making the website’s content fully bilingual (English/Welsh).

As you can see from visiting the Pembroke Town Trail Website, all of the above features have been designed into it. In addition to this the website designers created a light airy feel to the site to give a more modern, contemporary look to it, rather than the conventional heavy look that History websites often have.

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