Website Designers in Pembrokeshire for Popevilla Cottages

Website Designers in Pembrokeshire for Popevilla Cottages

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Existing customers Popevilla Cottages asked our Pembrokeshire website designers to re-design and upgrade their website. This is because their old website was many years old and beginning to look its age.

Consequently, we invited them into the studio for a website consultation. During  this consultation, the look and feel every part of their new website was considered. This was when it was decided to go for a text only logo, which was subsequently designed especially for them by our corporate branding designers. Not to mention, the clean-cut lines of the website combined with an elegant typeface for the body text.

Furthermore, the client asked our website designers in Pembrokeshire to use lots of photos of the countryside. This was to be combined with using green as the dominant colour in the design. All of which creates a rural, countryside feel for the viewer.

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A key feature of the website was the booking system that we designed for them. This allowed  customers of theirs to avoid double booking the cottages. In short, it worked by showing the days that were free to book in any given month, all displayed on a page for visitors to see. Then when a booking was made, the owners of PopeVilla Cottages could remove the days from this availability calendar.  Please take a look the mobile phone photo to see it.

The final touch was for our Pembrokeshire website designers to create the descriptive icons seen in the photo of the tablet. At a glance they tell a visitor what facilities each cottage has without having the read the text.

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