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Website Designers in Pembrokeshire for Willow Grace

website, brand and logo design

Willow Grace is a holistic therapies business based in Somerset, England. One of their areas of expertise is providing these therapies to women expecting babies.

They wanted a calm, thoughtful website that reflected the services they provided. For this reason they chose our website designers in Pembrokeshire.

At the initial design consultation it was found that they already had an illustration for the logo which had been drawn by a friend of the business owner. The owner felt this drawing summed up everything they wanted the business to reflect. All that was left for our website designers to do was to find an appropriate typeface to go with it for the business name. A script font with a modern sans-serif typeface for the accompanying strapline was chosen. You can see this in some of the photos on this page.

For the body text our Pembrokeshire website designers chose the same typeface as the strapline with the headings in a more traditional serif font. This was chosen to create a contrast and a visual hierarchy on the page.

The photos used in the website design feature plants and flowers to give it a soft gentle feel. As indeed did the colour scheme – everything was designed to be calming.

Printing to Compliment the Website Design

As well as asking our website designers in Pembrokeshire to build this website, the client also asked to have some printing as well. Above and below you can see photos of the appointment, aftercare and gift voucher cards we designed and printed for them.

These were printed on an uncoated card to give them a more natural, softer feel. Something the client was especially pleased with when the printing was delivered.

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