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Thomsons Laundry Website Designed in Pembrokeshire

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Thomsons laundry are one of the biggest independent laundries in West Wales. With a fleet of 5 vans and the capacity to process up to 12 tons of linen per day they are the experts.

At the beginning of the year they approached our Pembrokeshire website designers to help them with their website. They wanted a site that demonstrate their professionalism online. A website that is about to go live.

Before we began the project we invite them in for a free web design consultation.  The reason for this was to learn what their aims and aspirations were for their website. This includes, search engine optimisation, marketing, design, branding, social media, colours, photos and all the other things needed to build a successful website. What is more, it is all done in plain, easy to understand language. The only thing that they need to provide when they placed the order was the text. Everything else was supplied by our web designers – including the photos.

The message that came from the Thomsons Laundry website consultation was the need for a modern, bright and clean website. A website that reflected their successful, state of the art company.

Their New Website Design You See Pictured Reflects This

Each of the main pages of their website concentrate on a key product or service that they wanted to focus on. By giving each of them a separate page it increased the chances for them getting a good page ranking on Google. This is backed up with a ‘Latest News’ blog.

This blog will allow Thomsons to easily add news articles to their website on things people are likely to Google to find a laundry. For example, blogs on ‘linen hire’ or ‘workwear laundry,’ which are things people might Google to find a laundry.

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