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Bossiney Bay Website Design

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Bossiney Bay Holiday Park asked our Pembrokeshire website designers to create their new site.  The briefing was to design a website that reflected the themes in the countryside around them in Cornwall. For this reason the designers working with the clients choose the blues you see pictured to reflect the sea and sky that dominate the local landscape.

Building on this natural beauty theme it was decided to have large photo of the wonderful countryside around the caravan park throughout the website. This is because it ties in with the sea and sky theme that is so evocative of Cornwall. That is after all why people visit the county!

The logo it’s self whilst not created from scratch was an enhanced version of the owners existing design, undated to reflect the new website and style.

The website design fetchers 5 pages created from scratch without the use of restrictive design templates – it is completely original work. Two of the pages feature photo slide shows to show case the beauty of the park along with edited film footage with back ground music on one of the pages.  By the same token, there is also a page where holiday loges that are for sale on the park can be listed along with photographs and their details.

A key part of any website is to make sure that it is ease to view on mobile phones and tablets. This is because an increasingly large section of visitors will not be using desk top computers to view the website. What’s more, Google actually penalises websites that are to designed for viewing on mobile devices.

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