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With a high impact name such as the Hot Slag Foundry you need a website that gets you noticed. This was the reason Dawny Tootes chose our Pembrokeshire website designers to create her new eCommerce website for her cast aluminium art sculptures. Sculptures that are sold in and out of the UK.

With all our clients this journey begins with a free website design consultation that explores every aspect of what you are hoping to achieve. In easy to understand language we will explain to you how internet search engines (such as Google) choose websites to feature in their results. This then help you decide what features you would like your Pembrokeshire website design to include.

Once your free web design consultation is complete, we will have all the information necessary to give you your quote.

Dawny wanted an eCommerce website to act as a shop front for her wonderful cast aluminium sculptures. For this reason the web designers went for a more balanced design that did not completely engulf the sculptures.

This was achieved by creating a really powerful logo to match the wonderful business name. It is a logo that conjures up images of the fiery crucible and traditional industry yet the pages themselves have a light airy feel to them. This creates a successful balance that is at once high impact and calm at the same time.

Dawny was truly delighted with her new website and hopes that it will increase her sales. It is her first foray into the world of online selling.

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