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Foil blocking in Pembrokeshire, or foil block printing is a way of putting a shiny, metallic ‘ink’ onto your printing. Though in truth it is not ink but in fact a metal foil that is fused with your paper or card. Call today on 01646 682676 to find out more.

There are not many foil block printers in Pembrokeshire but we at Modern Print & Design are one of the few who can do it. It adds a real touch of elegance to your printing that set it apart from other jobs.

Typically Pembrokeshire foil block printing is used on –

  • Gift vouchers.
  • Invitation.
  • Tickets.
  • Business cards.

The printing foil comes in all sorts of colours so you are not just limited to just silver and gold. However, by the nature of the product (it is metal foil printing) all the colours are metallic. This is what makes it different from conventional printing.

Remember though, it works best if used to print bold text or big blocks of colour. This because you cannot print really fine detail with it, unlike printing ink. Indeed, small text is very hard to read when foil block printed. Especially for those with poorer eyesight. This is why metallic foil blocking is normally used on headings and borders which are meant to stand out.

If you would like to speak to one an expert foil block printers in Pembrokeshire please call the studio today on 01646 682676. Alternatively you can send a message by following this link. You will be given a free face to face personal design consultation, to discuss your job in more detail. It is free and comes without any obligation on your part.

Modern print & Design are very experience designing and printing with foil blocking in Pembrokeshire for clients based in Tenby, Narberth, Haverfordwest and elsewhere.

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