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Dry Wipe Board Sign Printers in Pembrokeshire

Sometimes you need a sign that you can change the information on whilst keep everything else the same. What’s more, a sign that you cannot accidentally change parts of it that are meant to stay the same. This is when you need a dry wipe board sign printers like us.

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A dry wipe board sign works by first printing everything that you want to stay the same on plastic or aluminium composite. Then by putting a clear dry wipe laminate over the top. This way you can wright on it and then later wipe off what you have written. However, because the printed arias are underneath the laminate they are not affected by you writing and rubbing off the sign. What is more they guide you when writing you information on the sign.

Menu Board Signs

The best example produced recently by our dry wipe board sign printers in Pembrokeshire is the menu you see pictured. All of the prices on it can be written and wiped off whenever the owners want to whilst the printed sign is protected by the dry wipe laminate that sit on top of it.

Another good example would be some patient information signs that we printed for the accident and emergency department of Withybush Hospital. These signs held all the relevant information about the patient in the bed. Furthermore, they had magnetic strips on the back which allowed them to be stuck to the patents bed. Then when the patient left A&E the board would be wiped clean and re-used for the next person.

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