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Durable Marine Label Printers

The waterfront environment is very harsh on labels which is why you need specialist durable marine grade label printers. This is because ordinary permanent labels will not last long in that tough atmosphere. Even when they are printed on vinyl.  In other words what you need is a very strong label with a glue that will not fail in such an abrasive environment. So please call 01646 682676 today to discuss your project with our experienced marine label printers.

Your marine labels will be printed on material complying with the BS 5609 (marine inversion test) standard required to guarantee that they are fit for purpose on or near the water.  This is the  only grade that will do well in a marine environment. That is to say, your labels will last through the winter without being washed away or scoured so much that they can not be read.

Your durable marine label printers

When you first get in touch a free, no-commitment design consultation will be arranged for you at our Pembroke Dock studio. During your free consultation our designers will guide you through all the elements needed to create a great label design for you. This includes –

  • The size you would like our durable marine label printers to produce for you
  • Colour Scheme
  • Typeface
  • The text you would like printed on your labels
  • Any logo you would like to put on your marine labels. If you do not have a logo we will design one for you.
  • Any accreditation / award symbols that you would like added
  • And much more besides

In other words; everything you many need to put on your marine labels.

Please call the durable marine label printers today on 01646 682676 or follow this link to find out more. Our designers and printers will be waiting to help you with your project.




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