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Dye Sublimation Printing In Pembrokeshire

Dye sublimation printing is a way of printing full colour images onto materials that cannot be put through a conventional printing machine. For example mugs, coasters, mouse mats, baseball caps and tee shirts. It works by the use of a simple heat transfer system.

First of all you print out the image you want to transfer onto a mug for example, using a printer that contains sublimation inks and paper. You then tape the sublimation paper which has the image on it on to the item you want to print on. In this case a mug. The mug with the attached image are then put in a heat press where the temperature is raised until the sublimation ink becomes a gas. This gas then fuses with the mugs surface to create a perfect transfer of your design. No ink is left on the sublimation paper. The results are really eye catching.

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