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Feedback Card Printers | Please Call 01646 682676 Today!

Looking to enhance your feedback process? Look no further than Modern Print & Design’s feedback card printers. For tailored solutions, call us on 01646 682676 today.

Our feedback card printers offer a seamless way to gather insights from your customers. For example, you can customise your cards to suit your needs. Include sections for comments, their details and anything else you want. Consequently making it easy for customers to provide feedback. After completion, the user can simply drop the cards into a collection box.

Alternatively, print a free post address on the back for easy mailing at a later date. QR codes can also be printed on the cards. When scanned, these codes can direct users to a webpage where they can leave comments or reviews. For example, a QR code leading to your Google Business profile where visitors can rate your business from 1-5. This also has the added advantage of helping to boost your website page ranking on Google.

Furthermore, your feedback cards can be printed in any size you prefer. Common sizes include A6 (postcard size) and credit card size for QR code-enabled cards. Plus, they can be printed in full colour, single or double-sided. The choice is yours.

Feedback Card Printers and Designers

Most importantly, our graphic designers will create an intuitive design for your cards, featuring your corporate branding. You’ll have full control of the design process, with proofs sent to you for design approval. What is more, you can have any changes made to the proof as you want to ensure the final product meets your expectations.

In conclusion, our feedback card printers offer a convenient solution for gathering valuable insights from your customers. Contact us today on 01646 682676 to learn more and enhance your feedback process. Or you can follow this link to send us a message. You will be given a free, no commitment design consultation where all your questions and and design requirements will be answered.

feedback card printers

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