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Firms Founder Has Cancer Surgery

On Saturday Trevor’s Dad, who founded Modern Print & Design was operated on for prostate cancer.  Thankfully it all went well to the extent that he was discharged from Bristol’s Southmead Hospital today and is now safely back home in Pembrokeshire.


The hospital was an amazing building which looked more like a massive complex of luxury apartments than a NHS site. It is truly a magnificent structure that I would love to live in if it were a residential development.


You walk in to discover a massive central atrium that stretches into the distance with a glass roof over the top. It is so large that what you first think are shrubs turn out to be the tops of full grown trees when you get closer!

You check into the hospital as you would to go into a modern hotel – electronically at computer terminals near the entrance. You are then given a ‘gate number’ to report to where the staff are waiting for you.


It was a truly wonderful building. Indeed one whole side of my fathers private room was made up of a massive window overlooking the central atrium. It was like being in a building from the future rather than the present.
My photo dose not do it justice!

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