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Web Marketing Tip – Optimise your images for search engines! (Part 1)

Google and the other search engines are great and reading text and understanding what your page is about, however, when it comes to images they can’t tell what’s in them at a glance like we can. They’re working on technology to get around this but for now, to get the best results for your business, you’ll want to give Google a hand on how to understand the images on your website.
To make sure your images have the best chance of being found, try these tips:

  • Rename your files before uploading – If you’re uploading images from your computer, don’t just leave the filenames as the default ones generated by your camera or software. Google can read the filenames of images and can see keywords directly from them. As an added bonus, it’ll be much easier for you to find “my-product-closeup.jpg” in future than remembering that DSC1231510.jpg happens to be your favourite shot.
  • Make sure to add ALT text – ALT text is used to describe images when images fail to load, or to explain what’s in them to someone with a visual impairment using screen-reading software. It’s also great for explaining what’s in an image to Google. Make sure to fill in your ALT tags using your website’s software, it’s usually available in the part of your website where your pictures are stored or when you add them to your web page.

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