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Free Web Marketing Tip – Start collecting online reviews to boost your business and your website!

When you buy something online, how to you narrow down your choices? Do you read customer reviews before deciding where to buy your next laptop or where to stay on a weekend away?


Chances are you do, which means that potential customers are also looking at your business’s reviews before spending their money on your products or services. Reviews can help you generate more sales and eliminate doubts potential customers may have about a product or service.

Worried that not all of your customer reviews will be positive? Don’t be. Nobody’s perfect. What matters is how you respond to a complaint or a negative review. Be friendly and polite when dealing with negative comments and show that you care about resolving the customer’s issue.
Get yourself started by creating a profile for your business for customers to leave reviews on such as Google+ (our favourite), Yelp or TripAdvisor. You could even join the Best of Pembrokeshire.

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