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Free Website Tip – How to Take Photos for Your Website

Taking website photos doesn’t require any particular or difficult tricks to pull off. But no matter your level of experience, there are still some things you’ll want to keep in mind. The following is list of the best tips and tricks to get the most out of your own, self-shot photography for your website. So let’s find out how to take photos for your website

1. Shoot in broad daylight

The more lighting you can provide to your camera the better, otherwise it compensates by both using a longer exposure and boosting the gain, resulting in blur and graininess. During daylight hours, outside, you may notice your images are pretty sharp. Even if you’re just doing portraits of people: do it outside.

2. Don’t clutter the scene

Rather than taking a picture of someone in your office with mountains of papers, coffee cups and stacks of unpaid bills lying around, bring them outside and put them against a solid blank wall. Photography isn’t that complicated; just remove anything that doesn’t contribute to the photo. If it’s a person, focus on the person. If it’s the exterior of your building, don’t include a bunch of pedestrians in the way, or parked cars if you can avoid it.

3. Consider the photo’s usage

Think about where the photo is going to be used on your website. If you want a nice, wide image for the slideshow on your homepage, consider the fact that you need the photo to be wide. This means you need to have lots of room to the sides of your subject so you can get that nice, wide photo. Same with staff portraits. You’ll want them to be consistent for all your staff with the same background and angle.

4. Shoot in Landscape

Most of the time you are going to want to take photos in landscape orientation, not portrait. This is particularly true if you are taking pictures of buildings, scenery, or really any scene other than a single person. Portrait should be reserved for really tall things that you can’t fit otherwise, things you want to display tall and skinny on the site, and sometimes, you guessed it: portraits of individual people.

5. Send your designer the full image files, unedited

Do not run your images through your favorite image-sharing and editing app, Instagram, or anything else. Simply send your designer the full image, if it needs to be edited or cropped, let them handle it.

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We hope that you found this article on how to take photos for your website useful.

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