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Free Website Tip – Keep your online accounts secure with Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

During the pandemic we’ve noticed an increase in automated attempts to break into websites and other systems. Security software can help to prevent this by blocking malicious attempts. However,  you should always make sure your password is secure and that you use 2FA where available. This is the inspiration for this months free monthly website tip.

2FA stands for “Two Factor Authentication” and the reason it is important is that it can prevent unauthorised access to your accounts. This is even if the attacker has your exact password.

The most common 2FA you’re likely to have encountered is the text-message verification procedure. In other words, where they ask you to supply your phone number and are sent a code via text to check it’s you when you log in. As 2FA is becoming more widely adopted, people no longer want to wait on verification codes to be delivered, so 2FA apps are becoming popular.

Apps Supporting Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows 10 all have apps that support 2FA. Consequently enabling the phone itself to serve as something that you need to have to log in. For example, to access a website that supports Google Authenticator, users type in their username and password first. Once they have done this they are prompted to enter a six-digit number. These numbers are found in the app, and change every 30 seconds. What is more, they are different for every website. By entering the correct number, it matches with your details and you are allowed in.

Most importantly,  2FA combined with a strong password is the best way to protect your business’ online accounts and make sure the only people accessing them are you and your staff.

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