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Freezer Label Printers & Designers

Food often needs to be frozen which is where freezer label printers & designers like us can help you. Please call today on 01646 682676 to speak to an expert.

Unfortunately the standard glue used on everyday labels stop working when put into sub zero conditions. The label falls off. However, the glue used by our freezer label printers is designed for very cold environments and stays on your product.

You can have your freezer labels printed any size that you want onto vinyl or paper. What is more, you can have a gloss or matt finish which helps make even the paper labels waterproof and scuff resistant. There are to ways of achieving these gloss and mat finishes.

The first way to to laminate your labels. This is where our freezer label printers put a thin layer of plastic over your label which is invisible to the eye. You have a choice of matt or gloss laminate. Where as, the second way of sealing your freezer labels is to varnish them. Both ways offer scratch protection to the printed arias. Likewise,  they also provide a degree of waterproofing if you chose to print on paper (water can still get in on the edges).

Freezer Label Designers

As well as printing your labels we also design them for you are well. That is to say, we are a design agency with a very experienced team of branding and design experts. However, we are also used to working with existing brands. Consequently we will design your freezer labels to seamlessly match your brand guidelines if you have and established style.

To this end we always arrange a free no commitment design consultation with clients before providing a quotation. This is so that we know exactly what the client is looking for and they know that we can provide it.

Please call today on 01646 682676 to speak to our freezer label printers & designers. Or you can send a message by following this link.



Freezer Label printers Pembrokeshire tenby Narberth Haverfordwest
Freezer Label printers Pembrokeshire tenby Narberth Haverfordwest
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