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Gold Foil Blocking Wedding Invitations Printers

Gold foil block wedding invitation printing is a specialist aria of the print market that we at Modern Print & Design can help you with. Please call today on 01646 682676 if you need your invitations gold foil block printed.

Pictured opposite is a photo of some gold foil blocking wedding invitations. We printed these for Charlie and Emily’s wedding in Pembrokeshire this year. The gold foil was used to create a lovely border around the invitations and accompanying information card. In addition to this the bride and grooms names were also printed in it.

How Gold Foil Blocking is Done

This traditional printing method uses actual gold foil rather than ink. It is the only way to get a truly sparkling metallic finish on your wedding invitations. The first stage of the process is to design a wedding invitation that matches your requirement. Once this is done and you are happy with the design, a metal printing block is made of all the things that you would like to appear in the shining metallic gold foil. This block is then put in a traditional printing press along with that wedding invitation. A sheet of the metallic gold foil is them put between the block and the wedding invitation. The printing block then strikes the card hard. So hard that is leaves a little indent that you can feel on the back of the card if you run your fingers over it.

Where the printing block makes impact with the metallic gold foil it sticks to the card. Once you then when the rest of the sheet you are left with gold print on your invitation!

If you would like to speak to a printers about gold foil blocking printing please call Trevor today on 01646 682676 today. Alternatively you can send a message by following this link.